Tuesday B League Schedules

  If anyone has specific time preferences or restrictions, please inform Tom Golden (267) 994-7533 and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Playoffs June 1st & 2nd 
Saturday & Sunday
Week 1
Tuesday, February 5th
8:00James PiscopoBill Armentani
8:00Donna BonnaNicholas Gutierrez
8:00Tony WhiteEd Kozak
8:00Fred UphamMike Tusina
8:45Johnny GeraceShawn Quinn
8:45Andrew LamantiaLeo Guigere
8:45Dean LekasSlim Monach
8:45Scot DorseyKeith Krelove
9:30Paul CrawleySteve Worthy
9:30Chris CallahanTroy Stanley
Week 2
Tuesday, February 12th 
8:00Bill ArmentaniChris Callahan
8:00James PiscopoScot Dorsey
8:00Nicholas GutierrezPaul Crawley
8:00Steve WorthyDean Lekas
8:45Keith KreloveDonna Bonna
8:45Troy StanleyTony White
8:45Slim MonachAndrew Lamantia
8:45Mike TusinaShawn Quinn
9:30Ed KozakFred Upham
9:30Leo GuigereJohnny Gerace
Week 3
Tuesday, February 19th 
8:00Andrew LamantiaSteve Worthy
8:00Leo GuigereSlim Monach
8:00Johnny GeraceMike Tusina
8:00Shawn QuinnEd Kozak
8:45Scot DorseyChris Callahan
8:45Fred UphamTroy Stanley
8:45Donna BonnaJames Piscopo
8:45Tony WhiteBill Armentani
9:30Dean LekasNicholas Gutierrez
9:30Paul CrawleyKeith Krelove
Week 4
Tuesday, February 26th 
8:00Keith KreloveDean Lekas
8:00Troy StanleyScot Dorsey
8:00Tony WhiteFred Upham
8:00Sahwn QuinnBill Armentani
8:45Nicholas GutierrezAndrew Lamantia
8:45Steve WorthyLeo Guigere
8:45Ed KozakMike Tusina
8:45Slim MonachJohnny Gerace
9:30Chris CallahanDonna Bonna
9:30James PiscopoPaul Crawley
Week 5
Tuesday, March 5th
8:00Dean LekasJames Piscopo
8:00Scot DorseyFred Upham
8:00Slim MonachSteve Worthy
8:00Donna BonnaTony White
8:45Andrew LamantiaKeith Krelove
8:45Shawn QuinnBill Armentani
8:45Johnny GeraceEd Kozak
8:45Chris CallahanPaul Crawley
9:30Mike TusinaTroy Stanley
9:30Leo GuigereNicholas Gutierrez
Week 6
Tuesday, March 12th
8:00Tony WhiteKeith Krelove
8:00Fred UphamDonna Bonna
8:00Bill ArmentaniMike Tusina
8:00Shawn QuinnScot Dorsey
8:45Troy StanleyEd Kozak
8:45James PiscopoAndrew Lamantia
8:45Chris CallahanDean Lekas
9:30Steve WorthyJohnny Gerace
9:30Nicholas GutierrezSlim Monach
Week 7
Tuesday, March 19th
8:00Johnny GeraceTroy Stanley
8:00Donna BonnaShawn Quinn
8:00Andrew LamantiaChris Callahan
8:00Slim MonachKeith Krelove
8:45Steve WorthyNicholas Gutierrez
8:45Ed KozakBill Armentani
8:45Mike TusinaScot Dorsey
8:45Fred UphamJames Piscopo
9:30Dean LekasTony White
Week 8
Tuesday, March 26th
8:00Bill ArmentaniTroy Stanley
8:00Keith KreloveSteve Worthy
8:00Nicholas GutierrezJohnny Gerace
8:00Mike TusinaDonna Bonna
8:45Shawn QuinnChris Callahan
8:45Tony WhiteAndrew Lamantia
8:45Fred UphamDean Lekas
8:45Ed KozakScot Dorsey
9:30James PiscopoSlim Monach
Week 9
Tuesday, April 2nd
8:00Steve WorthyJames Piscopo
8:00Slim MonachChris Callahan
8:00Scot DorseyTroy Stanley
8:00Nicholas GutierrezKeith Krelove
8:45Dean LekasShawn Quinn
8:45Johnny GeraceBill Armentani
8:45Donna BonnaEd Kozak
8:45Tony WhiteMike Tusina
9:30Andrew LamantiaFred Upham
Week 10
Tuesday, April 9th
8:00Troy StanleyDonna Bonna
8:00Ed KozakFred Upham
8:00Shawn QuinnAndrew Lamantia
8:00James PiscopoNicholas Gutierrez
8:45Tony WhiteSlim Monach
8:45Chris CallahanSteve Worthy
8:45Keith KreloveJohnny Gerace
8:45Mike TusinaDean Lekas
9:30Bill ArmentaniScot Dorsey
Week 11
Tuesday, April 16th
8:00Keith KreloveJames Piscopo
8:00Troy StanleyShawn Quinn
8:00Dean LekasEd Kozak
8:00Donna BonnaBill Armentani
8:45Nicholas GutierrezChris Callahan
8:45Andrew LamantiaMike Tusina
8:45Scot DorseyJohnny Gerace
8:45Steve WorthyTony White
9:30Slim MonachFred Upham
Week 12
Tuesday, April 23rd
8:00Chris CallahanKeith Krelove
8:00Fred UphamSteve Worthy
8:00Bill ArmentaniMike Tusina
8:00Tony WhiteNicholas Gutierrez
8:45Ed KozakAndrew Lamantia
8:45Scot DorseyDonna Bonna
8:45Johnny GeraceJames Piscopo
8:45Troy StanleyDean Lekas
9:30Shawn QuinnSlim Monach
Week 13
Tuesday, April 30th
8:00Nicholas GutierrezFred Upham
8:00Keith KreloveTony White
8:00Slim MonachMike Tusina
8:00Andrew LamantiaTroy Stanley
8:45Steve WorthyShawn Quinn
8:45Scot DorseyEd Kozak
8:45Dean LekasBill Armentani
8:45James PiscopoChris Callahan
9:30Donna BonnaJohnny Gerace
Week 14
Tuesday, May 7th
8:00Fred UphamKeith Krelove
8:00Shawn QuinnNicholas Gutierrez
8:00Troy StanleyDonna Bonna
8:00Tony WhiteJames Piscopo
8:45Scot DorseyDean Lekas
8:45Ed KozakSlim Monach
8:45Mike TusinaSteve Worthy
8:45Johnny GeraceChris Callahan
9:30Bill ArmentaniAndrew Lamantia
Week 15
Tuesday, May 14th
8:00Dean LekasDonna Bonna
8:00Bill ArmentaniJohnny Gerace
8:00Keith KreloveShawn Quinn
8:00Andrew LamantiaScot Dorsey
8:45Steve WorthyEd Kozak
8:45Chris CallahanTony White
8:45James PiscopoFred Upham
8:45Nicholas GutierrezMike Tusina
9:30Slim MonachTroy Stanley
Week 16
Tuesday, May 21st
8:00Scot DorseyDean Lekas
8:00Troy StanleySteve Worthy
8:00Shawn QuinnJames Piscopo
8:00Mike TusinaKeith Krelove
8:45Bill ArmentaniSlim Monach
8:45Johnny GeraceTony White
8:45Fred UphamChris Callahan
8:45Donna BonnaAndrew Lamantia
9:30Ed KozakNicholas Gutierrez
Week 17
Tuesday, May 28th
Playoffs June 1st & 2nd 
Saturday & Sunday