Just the Tip

PlayerSkill LevelMatches playedWinsLossesPoints WonPoints Lost
Tom Bailey4, 5 (9B)7343954
Rob Mulryne4+10466781
Nick Comstock7 (8B), 8 (9B)1211111647
John Holcombe38264068
James Astbury56515526
Derek Benavides8 (8B), 8+ (9B)11839559
Ashley Comstock3 +9546157

Monday 8 Ball

PosTeamMatches PlayedWinsLossesPoints WonPoints Lost
1Got Rack?17134511401
2Just the Tip17116505400
5Say Uncle1798495419
6Graspin’ by Straws1688447405
7The Misfits1679439407
8D’s Nuts16610368466
9Fah Cues17512404501