Q: “Does this League cost money?”

A: “Yes; every session incurs a session fee, which goes towards the administration and organization of the league. As well as match dues when you shoot in a match.”

Q: “I am in two leagues, I shoot 8 ball Monday and 9    Ball Thursday. Do I owe session dues per league?”

A: “Yes; you pay separate session dues for every session you are involved in.”

Q: “The opponent of my match is far better than he is ranked. Is there a way to have his rank reviewed?”

A: “We always strive for quality and respectful league play, as well as respectful shooters and good sportsmanship. If you feel a new or existing player’s rank is inadequate, feel free to fill out a Player Rank Review Form and we will make an assessment.”

Q: “Can I upload scores through the BPL website?”

A: “Yes; but your captain, co-captain or team representative must have the paperwork filled out in full(match markers, scoring, dues paid, signatures, etc…) and posted here