B League


5 Points Division Rep: Tony Davison 609-635-2233

Please read weekly, updates happen here and are erased when new updates need to be posted.

MAKEUPS: Must be completed in 2 weeks. If you’ve been trying to get a game played and met resistance, let me know. Your opponent will be forfeited, we must get these games scored.

MAKEUP EXTRA:  Use the schedule to pre-play matches. We penalize for late matches and encourage early matches. I need to collect for these games, your commitment in volunteering to play includes paying for all 15 games….whether played or not.

Pay before Play:  Please pay your dues before starting your match, it keeps me track your payments exactly.

Break and Runs: Please report your B&R’s, Tommy is rewarding high performers.

B League Singles 5 Points

PosTeamMatches PlayedPoints WonPoints Lost
1Johnny Gerace119548
2Tony Davison139578
3Steve Worthy Sr.118160
4Donna Bonafrancesco118454
5Ed Kozak117857
6Keith Krelove85637
7Nick Gutierrez118277
8Leslie McGettigan117764
9Mike Tusina117568
10Larry Holland117070
11Ronal Garcia96859
12Rickey Nelms106964
13Ray Sorensen106866
14Scot Dorsey116073
15Tom Bailey95857
16Tom Palmer116482
17Jim Berghof74857
18Ace Paden84660
19Larry Russell, Jr.96270
20Vince Sawyer94970
21Scott Revell104976
22Bill Armentani104874
23Bob Marshall94170
24Andrew Lamantia115890

Andalusia Division Rep: Andrew Cookz 

Please contact for any scheduling concerns 215-354-8352


Makes Ups:


B League Single Andalusia

PosTeamMatches PlayedPoints WonPoints Lost
1Brian Tomes910264
2David Gallagher99671
3Leighton Harrell99174
4William Walker98981
5Chris Sides98668
6Lou Tremarki87775
7Geoff Kramer87272
8Bob Norton98587
10Joe Heald87082
11Pat Salemno96896
12Mike Haber95695