Play Better.

Break & Run Challenge (Each Break and Run is a drawing into an end of session prize pool)

2018 Fall Top Shooters

PlayerWin PercentageMatches playedWinsLossesPoints WonPoints Lost
Tom Golden0.82119210248
Tom Abrams0.7010738148
Jim Gazafi Jr0.7010737862
John Donnelly0.758616939
Norberto Toledo0.758627046
Jim Berghof0.6010647969
George Loveless0.836515030
Larry Gallagher0.717525644
Mark Evans1.00550509
Vince Mangum0.836515425
Nick Comstock1.005505022
John Faulls0.836515616
Mark Russell1.004404013
Bob Marshall0.3312487689
Jenn Tullio0.508445854