Play Better.

ATTENTION: All Playoffs and play ins will be held during the week of January 3rd into the weekend (7th & 8th)

**ALL STAR GAME will be held Saturday, January 15th at 3pm**

All Star Qualifiers – Top 10 Win % (min 8 matches) & Top 10 Overall Points

PlayerWin PercentageMatches playedWinsLossesPoints Won
Marcos Badilla1.0011010
Freddy Vasquez1.0011010
Chad Parker1.0011010
Amanda Schulze1.0022020
Pablo Santos1.0011010
Edson Chinchilla1.0011010
Joe Mcanulla1.0011010
Dave Williams1.0011010
Nick Rugg1.0011010
Nelson Melgar1.0022020

PlayerWin PercentageMatches playedWinsLossesPoints Won
Reinaldo Ortega0.7543135
Fred Mancini0.7543135
Derek Benavides0.5042227
Bob Norton0.5042226
Rick Simon0.6732124
Bonnie McGoldrick0.6732124
Steve Edelman0.3331221
Mark Russell0.2541320
Nick Argenti0.6732120
Andres Ruiz1.0022020

Break & Run Challenge (Each Break and Run is a drawing into an end of session prize pool)

PlayerSkill LevelB&R's
Derek Benavides8 (8B), 8+ (9B)5
Tom Golden7+ (8 ball), 8 (9B)3
Edson Chinchilla7+ (8 ball), 8 (9B)2
Dan Brudon6 +, 7 (9B)2
Reinaldo Ortega6+, 7 (9B)2
Fred Mancini62
Shawn “Slim” Monach61
Chad Parker51
Rick Rosado7 (8B), 7+ (9B)1
Nelson Melgar5 +1
Sean Cameron71
Jim Gazafi Jr7 (8B), 7+ (9B)1
Andres Ruiz61
Troy Stanley4+1
Nick Comstock81